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How The Sun Can Hurt and Help Your Acne

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If you’re struggling with acne, you’ve probably had people recommend exposing your skin to sun as a possible remedy. We’re here to tell you, there are better ways. MUCH better ways to treat your acne!

How can the sun help my acne?

This is a tricky question. Many people think that sun exposure “dries up” their acne blemishes and makes their acne better. While this may appear to be happening, what is most likely going on is that your skin is getting tan, therefore lessening the appearance of your breakouts.

How can the sun hurt my acne?

Sun can actually make the aftermath of an acne bump last even longer. You may have noticed that after you have a breakout, light brown or red spots show up on the skin and can linger for months. Sun exposure can actually make these dark spots get darker and last longer, which no one wants!

We also can’t forget that sun exposure can cause premature aging of the skin and increase your risk of getting skin cancer. Yikes!

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Author: Sara Fender, PA-C

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