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3 Rising Skincare Trends for 2022

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Like the world of fashion or social media, skincare is no stranger to new year trends. Knowing which to adopt and what to skip can make the difference between glowing skin and dry discomfort. Read through our list of anticipated skincare trends to make 2022 the year of healthy skin!

1. SPF application is a skincare must-have.

Even when you feel safe from the sun’s effects, daily SPF application can make a significant difference in maintaining healthy skin. This is especially true for our Lowcountry residents. 

Applying sunscreen regularly helps protect your skin from harmful UV rays and reduces the risk of skin cancer. It can even reduce signs of aging. Studies conducted by the Skin Cancer Foundation showed that people who applied SPF 15 or higher daily reported 24% fewer signs of aging than those who did not. 

And while wearing SPF may not be an entirely new trend, the popularity continues to rise for products offering protection from blue light, the light given off from computer and cellphone screens. Though not as damaging as sunlight, studies show blue light to cause visible skin damage, including signs of aging and dark spots.

2. At-home cryotherapy is cool in the new year.

Whether it’s snowing outside or bright and sunny, keeping your skincare routine cool is hot in the new year.

Cryotherapy is a skin treatment method via several minutes of extreme cold exposure. These low temperatures help contract blood vessels and tighten pores to give skin a healthier look and feel.

Cryotherapy clinics have become popular in recent years, but with the presence of COVID-19, there has been a rise in at-home cryo-care products populating the market, including many different creams and roller tools.

3. SkinBar soaps are making a comeback.

Body washes have become the popular choice for many worldwide, but signs point to beauty bars coming back into fashion. This is mainly due to environmental reasons as most bar soap packaging is far eco-friendlier than the plastic bottle most body washes come in. 

These classic skincare staples Bar soaps also contain less ingredients than most washes, allowing for a longer shelf life with fewer preservatives. Reduced ingredients also make them more allergy-friendly. 

Note: Bar soaps are more susceptible to collecting bacteria in moist environments. If you prefer this method, make sure to rinse your bar after each wash properly.

But above all else, regularly scheduled visits with a board-certified dermatologist remain the best way to keep you and your skin at its healthiest! Contact us at Charleston Dermatology today to book your appointment.

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