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Telehealth is Now Available!

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As we continue to take all precautions against the spread of COVID-19 in all our offices, Mount Pleasant has emerged as one of the state’s major coronavirus hotspots. Right now, it is important to avoid public places where you may come in contact with the COVID-19 virus. If you must go out for “essential needs”, you’re asked to social distance which means staying six-feet away from others at all times. 

Because of the quarantine and stay-at-home orders, more than ever, people are using video chats to keep up with friends, relatives and doctors. Now, you can use that technology to see your Charleston Dermatology provider! 

We are offering telehealth appointments for non-urgent cases: consultations, diagnoses, treatment, management and more. While teledermatology has been around for years, it’s among the most popular applications of e-health and telemedicine.

Our goal in offering virtual visits right now is to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. While we know skin cancer and major skin issues will not stop during this time, we are asking all our patients to consider the nature and urgency of their case or visit and whether it could be done remotely rather than in-person, or should be postponed. This is especially true for senior citizens and those with chronic medical conditions.

Do you want to go virtual? 

If you’re looking to see a Charleston Dermatology provider virtually, it’s as simple as making a regular appointment. Call our office and our team will give you the option to receive a text message or email. Before your appointment, you will get a link via text or email. Once you click the link, you will immediately be connected through a video chat platform. 

If a more detailed exam or procedure is recommended by your provider, it will be scheduled for an in-person visit at a later date. If you are prescribed medications, they will be sent to your pharmacy electronically.

Am I tech-savvy enough? 

Once you’ve scheduled your appointment, your visit can be done on any mobile phone, iPad (or tablet device) or computer with video abilities. You do need access to WiFi or cellular data during the visit.

If you aren’t sure if you have video capability on your device, you can still schedule a telehealth appointment! Give us a call us at (843) 872-3015 and we will coordinate an appropriate method of communication with you.

Am I covered for telehealth visits?

Most insurance carriers are now covering telehealth visits during this time. Just call your insurance and check before scheduling a visit. 

Good news for Medicare patients, the “Telehealth Services During Certain Emergency Periods Act of 2020” bill was passed in March, expanding telehealth coverage to most Medicare patients. This is part of the Coronavirus supplemental appropriations package.

To read about the COVID-19 precautions we’re taking, click here. To schedule a telehealth visit, give us a call at (843) 872-3015. We look forward to virtually connecting with you!

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