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How to Repair Sun Damage

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If you spent your Labor Day weekend soaking up the final days of summer — both figuratively and literally — then chances are you may have gotten some sun damage. Whether it was a full-body sunburn or just an extra freckle here and there, it’s still considered sun damage. And it’s not great for your skin.

To help get your skin back on the right track, here are a few ways you can repair sun damage on your skin:

Use Sunscreen Every Day

Even if you’re not planning on spending very much time outside, wearing sunscreen with SPF of 15 of higher on a daily basis can help give your skin time to heal. That little extra layer of protection has even been shown to lower your long-term risk of skin cancer.


Build-up of dead skin cells can make your skin appear blotchy and uneven — especially after you’ve experienced sun damage. By exfoliating every day, you are able to remove those dead skin cells and help your skin look healthier and smoother.


Staying hydrated is one of the best things you can do to help keep your skin looking and feeling healthy after sun exposure. Not only will hydrating help keep your skin from drying out, but moisturizing can also help plump up dry skin and make your skin instantly appear less wrinkled.

Try Laser Treatment

If all else fails, it may be time to try laser treatment. There are a few of different types of laser treatment you can try, but it’s best if you speak with your dermatologist first to discuss your options and what he/she recommends for your particular skin type.

Learn more about how to repair sun damage at skincancer.org or to get started on your own personalized treatment plan by scheduling an appointment with Charleston Dermatology today!

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