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Is Makeup With Sunscreen Enough Sun Protection?

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We all feel good when we get that new foundation or makeup and it says “includes SPF” right? Well, while having SPF in your makeup is definitely not a bad thing, it can be bad if you are solely relying on the SPF in your makeup to protect yourself from the sun on a daily basis! Making sure you have enough protection from the sun daily only adds a few more seconds to your daily routine.

3 Reasons SPF in Your Makeup Is Not Enough

You’re Missing An Important Part

You’re shopping for a new foundation and you see that the one you want has SPF 30. Before you think you’re getting a “two for one” deal, pump the brakes. Most of the makeup that has SPF incorporated into it only has protection from UVB rays. While this is super important, we recommend having broad-spectrum protection which includes protection from UVA rays. These are the rays that can cause signs of aging, sun spots, and wrinkles, which we all want to avoid whenever possible! Make sure you are applying a broad-spectrum sunscreen with SPF 30 or above before applying your makeup!

Less is Not More

Most of us are hoping to achieve a natural look when applying our makeup, right? This is great for our “look”, however, it is not great for protecting our skin from the sun if that is all we are using. If you were only relying on the sunscreen in your makeup for your daily sun protection, you would need a lot of makeup to achieve the same protection as you would if you were to apply an actual sunscreen. When applying your sunscreen before your makeup, make sure to apply liberally.

You Aren’t Reapplying

Raise your hand if you reapply your sunscreen every two hours. No? Even if you aren’t wearing makeup, it is tough to remember to reapply your sunscreen. That being said, no one wants to redo their makeup every two hours to make sure they are protected from the sun! So you’ve applied your SPF in the morning and put on your makeup, now what? Time to reapply! Try grabbing a mineral-based SPF loose powder to make sure your skin is protected and to avoid messing up your makeup!

Don’t Expect Too Much from Your Makeup

Applying a broad-spectrum SPF, using enough sunscreen, and reapplying with a mineral-based SPF loose powder are all ways you can ensure you are protecting your skin from potential damage from the sun. 

What if you haven’t been wearing sunscreen underneath your makeup? That’s okay! You may need a skin exam to check for any underlying skin damage. Any of our dermatology providers would be happy to take care of you! Give us a call at (843) 872-3015. 

Author: Sarah P. Fender, Certified Dermatology Physician Assistant

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