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Q&A with Dr. Gwynne

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We are so excited to welcome Dr. Mackenzie Gwynne to our new team at Park West in Mount Pleasant. Dr. Gwynne is happy to be returning to Charleston after completing her residency this June from West Virginia University, where she served as chief resident in the dermatology department. She got her bachelor’s degree in biology from the College of Charleston and her medical degree from the University of South Carolina at Columbia. Get to know Dr. Gwynne with our Q&A session:

What are some specific skincare tips for people living in Mount Pleasant

The best skincare tip I can give is to wear sunscreen. Not only does it prevent skin cancer, but also photoaging or the appearance of aged skin.

What are the most common skin/health problems that you see and what is the best way to avoid them?

As a dermatologist, I see a lot of skin cancer, which is prevented by using sunscreen and sun-protective measures. 

How often should people go to the dermatologist?

I think everyone should see a dermatologist at least once a year to have a skin check, as well as address any concerns regarding your skin health.

Why are regular dermatologist visits important?

Regular dermatologist appointments are important because they increase the likelihood of finding skin cancer in its early stage. Your dermatologist can also be a great resource on skin issues that present suddenly. Being an established patient provides the ability to have someone who knows you already and can communicate with you regarding your skin health.

What do you love most about being back in Charleston?

I love being closer to family in the area. I also went to college in Charleston and moving back here feels like coming home. 

What are you most excited about for the new Park West office? 

I am most excited to provide excellent care to patients at our Park West location and getting to know the community. 

What inspired you to become a dermatologist?

I was inspired to be a dermatologist because I felt that it was a specialty that would allow me to combine my creative side with my love for medicine, as well as be able to get to know patients on a more personal level while being able to make a difference in their overall health.

What are some of the things you love to do outside of work? 

My favorite after-work activities are painting, sailing, walking on the beach with my dog (Charlie) and being with my family.

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