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Charleston Dermatology Treatments Perfect for Getting Rid of Pimples

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At Charleston Dermatology, our team of board-certified dermatologists has a collective experience of more than 30 years. In all that time of treating the Lowcountry community, we’ve seen just about every kind of patient with every skin type, and, because of that, we can confirm one absolute. Acne does not discriminate.

As the United States’ most common skin condition, acne affects up to 50 million Americans annually. This skin condition affects all skin types and ages, with around 85% of those between 12 and 24 suffering from at least minor acne and adulthood acne on the rise. Though eliminating acne can sometimes feel impossible, rest assured that there are several effective treatments that our team can assist with in helping you clear your skin. 

Prescribed Medications

Though there can be a variety of causes behind your acne, the most common are excess oil production, bacterial infections, clogged hair follicles and inflammation. Symptoms can also be exacerbated due to hormonal changes, diet and stress. 

Acne medications work to combat these internal processes, reducing oil production, treating infections and balancing hormones to help reduce your symptoms. These treatments can be administered via topical remedies (retinoids, antibiotic creams, etc.) and/or oral medications (oral contraceptives, oral antibiotics, oral retinoids, etc.). These treatments can also be improved by practicing a strong skincare routine. Your doctor can assist you in building a treatment plan and determine which medications best suit you.

Chemical Peels

Chemical peels work by rapidly exfoliating skin, helping to clear pores and unclog follicles by stripping it of excess oil and dead cells to create clearer, brighter and refreshed skin.

For full effect and noticeable skin improvement, superficial peels are typically administered in a series of treatments over the course of several months. These treatments are safe and generally painless and should be performed by a board-certified dermatologist. In some instances, chemical peels can reduce the likelihood and even signs of acne scarring.

Acne Diagnosis and Treatment Eduction 

When it comes to living healthy, knowing is half the battle! Our team at Charleston Dermatology are experts at treating skin conditions, but we also work very hard to educate patients on their skin and the treatments we administer. Communication is key, and by working alongside one another, we will be able to communicate, create and make alterations for a personalized skin care plan that will help clear your acne and help your shine.

Healing Skin and Creating Confidence

Skin health and safety are a full-time commitment. Luckily, you’re not in the fight alone. At Charleston Dermatology, our team of skincare experts is here to help your skin look and feel its best. Contact us today to schedule a visit with one of our board-certified dermatologists.

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