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Skin Cancer Affects All Skin Types

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Have you been wondering if skin cancer can affect your specific skin type? The short answer is… Yes. While certain skin types have a higher risk of getting skin cancer, all skin types are at risk.

You mean even if I don’t get burned from the sun, I can still get skin cancer?

Yes! The harmful rays from the sun affect all skin types, even those that don’t typically get burned.

What may be a sign that I may have skin cancer?

Things to look for include dark spots that are changing or bleeding, sores on the skin that aren’t healing, or even a dark line of pigment on your finger or toenails

How do I protect my skin from the sun?

Be sure to use a broad-spectrum SPF daily to prevent skin damage from the sun no matter what color or type of skin you have! It’s also never a bad idea to grab a hat, seek shade, and wear sunglasses as well!

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Author: Sarah Fender, PA-C

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