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Perfecting Your Nightly Skincare Routine

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We get it. The last thing you want to do when you’re ready to fall asleep is to tack on additional time perfecting your nightly skincare routine. But if you want to combat the tolls of aging, it’s a necessity, even if it’s the bare minimum.

Remove makeup

You know that you need to remove your makeup before bed, but do you know why? Your skin renews itself while you sleep, so when you leave your makeup on, that process is blocked. When the skin isn’t able to breathe, signs of aging, acne and other imperfections rear their ugly heads. Use a wipe if you’re feeling lazy; otherwise, we recommend a cotton pad or ball dipped in micellar water as it is gentle on your skin.

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Use a gentle cleanser without alcohol, like Cetaphil, along with lukewarm water. Turning up the heat may feel nice, but it will only dry out your skin. You should also avoid scrubbing too hard as you don’t want to irritate your skin. AAD has a great video tutorial to ensure you’re washing your face correctly.


The purpose of toner is to remove any leftover soap scum or waterproof makeup. Today, there are many toners that serve different purposes. Some are designed for anti-aging; some are designed for specific needs like acne and anti-aging. Research ingredients that are best suited for your specific needs to work in the best solution for your routine.

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Now, for the fun stuff! Masks, eye creams, serums, go wild! If your skin is dry and you need to hydrate, there are plenty of options that you can use to achieve the glowing complexion you’ve always wanted.


Heavier, creamy moisturizers are great for pulling double duty as night masks. Choose a moisturizer with hyaluronic acid to help your skin retain its moisture through the night. As with toners and treatments, there are many night-time moisturizers that are specifically formulated for any problem area you may have.

While it may sound like a lot of steps, all of this can be done within ten minutes and will go a long way in preserving the youth of your skin.



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