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2024 Skin Care Trends to Watch

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From new medical breakthroughs to the latest in cosmetics, skincare is always evolving. But does every method and product work as well as influencers say? How can you tell which is right for your skin type? Our board-certified dermatologists have looked into 2024’s trending treatments to help you decide.

Skinvive™ by Juvéderm®

New to the Juvéderm family, Skinvive is the first and only hyaluronic acid microdroplet injection approved in the U.S. The intradermal treatment is perfect for seeking glowing, hydrated, healthy skin. Skinvive results have been shown to last for up to six months without changing cheek shape or volume. 

Interested in learning more about similar products? Charleston Dermatology is a proud Juvéderm provider. Speak with our team today!

“Prejuvenation” Botox® Shots

Botox injections are not only for treating fine lines and wrinkles. When taken preemptively, they can also help patients maintain their youthful appearance for longer. Referred to as “prejuvenation” shots, these cosmetic injections are trending more than ever in patients in their mid-late 20s and 30s.

While these injections are common – 18% of all 2020 injections belonged to patients around age 30 – there is still debate on whether they are necessary. After all, these early injections do not stop the aging process but slow it. Our team is standing by to help you determine the best course of action for your skin health.


Not a fan of needles? New advances in neuropeptide creams may present a new wrinkle solution. As “Nature’s Botox,” these peptides relax muscle movement and expression lines instead of freezing and tightening like traditional neurotoxin injections. Neuropeptides offer additional benefits, such as stimulating collagen production, reducing inflammation and increasing skin’s texture, hydration and elasticity.

More and More Moisturizers

In 2023, TikTok’s “Skin Cycling” trend popularized weekly gap nights from your skincare routine. But why? While basics like daily face washing and moisturizer are always encouraged, overuse of active ingredients like retinoids and exfoliants can irritate skin and harm your skin barrier. It’s expected the market will see a flood of moisturizing products in 2024 as fixes for “over-processed” skin. 

Help From Your Local Board-Certified Dermatologist

Find the help you need at Charleston Dermatology! From acne solutions to skin cancer treatments, our board-certified dermatologists are ready to serve your skin health needs. Contact us today to book your appointment and learn more about our cosmetic and medical dermatological services!

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